What is $gHECTA?

When you stake $HECTA, the protocol give $gHECTA.

You can think of $gHECTA as your saving account: the $HECTA inside your saving account increases every epoch (apprx. 8 hours).
$gHECTA is the technical solution so we can reward stakers - contributors to the financial stable of the protocol.

Mathematically, you can calculate the number of $HECTA from $gHECTA by this formula:

No of $HECTA = No of $gHECTA * Index
Index number is increasing every epoch depends on various factors, such as: the number $HECTA is staked, the revenue of the protocol.
You can use $gHECTA to vote on Hectagon Snapshot space and formula to calculate $gHECTA voting power is the same as the mentioned formula.

Can I sell $gHECTA?

$gHECTA is an ERC20/BEP-20 token so nothing can stop you from selling it. However, Hectagon does not support a Liquidity Pool for $gHECTA so it might be a bit inconvenient.


in Hectagon Snapshot space, how can I create a Propose?

You cannot create a proposal in Hectagon Snapshot Space right now, only mod can do that.
Right now if you want to propose something, please do the following:

  • Go to #community-suggestion
  • Post a proposal using format explaining in here
  • Let people know about your proposal in either Telegram group, Discord, etc.
  • For now, Mod will move suggestions (and consolidate the proposal content with the author) with 10+ like and 100+ views to the #proposal so anyone can vote
  • Any Proposal with enough support (10+ vote for now) will be pushed to Hectagon Snapshot Space by mod

Hope I satisfy your concern.