READ ME FIRST: Welcome to Hectagon Forum, official guideline

Welcome Hectaholics!

This forum is the official channel for all Hectagon Campaigns in #campaign and Hectagon Improvement Proposals (HIP) in #proposal.

However, if you are first time user of Hectagon, there are several places I want you to take a look first:

  • Hectagon website: This is a good source of information so you can understand what it is all about and where we are.
  • Hectagon docs: If you want to dig deep down a little bit with all the concept of Treasury, Reward Systems, etc. then docs is the place for you. I really recommend you at least skimming the docs so you are familiar with all the concepts.
  • Hectagon Tiger Tribe : A place for users to collect NFT from us

And you are here: Hectagon Forum.

There are several things you can do at this forum:

  • You can see all the official messages in #announcement
  • If there is anything you don’t understand, please refer to #knowledge-base. Mods are hanging around there and they are ready to answer your questions and turn it into a really nice thread.
  • If you want to catch up with all latest campaign, finding any chance to earn extra $HECTA, $BUSD or any project token projects - the good old Work-To-Earn stuff. Please head to #campaign.
  • You are $HECTA holders and you care about the protocol so keeping an eye on #proposal. All HIPs are updated there before going to Hectagon Snapshot space for a vote.
  • If you like the idea and you want to make Hectagon a part of you. Please go to #community-suggestion. The DAO is always looking for bright ideas for new campaigns and HIPs. Also, DAO team is actively looking for talents there and you can turn your little journey with Hectagon into a full time job in no time. Hectagon is built by the community and ran by the community. The community is YOU.
  • If you have problems, such as: no airdrop show up, missing rewards etc. Then, I encourage you to go to Discord for the best support experience. However, we have mods in #support to answer your questions. Please DIY before asking there since it is unlikely you are the first to ask any questions.
  • We have #uncategorized (General) for any random thoughts and discussions. Everything is welcome here. However, please respect the TOS. To be honest, just be a kind and fair person then no discussion will be deleted.

We are running a blog here for nerdy topics. We would like to have a lot of good discussion in either Telegram group or Discord so please go over there and register an account.

So, welcome and hope you all have a good time here.