Project Screening Batch 2

1. Name of the campaign

Project Screening Batch 2

2. Motivation

To empower Hectaholics to access selected projects from Hectagon Database & execute the preliminary screenings.

This would introduce them into the process where our DAO contributors get involved in projects, leveling up core skills while engaging in OG communities from the earliest stage.

3. Rewards size

The reward receives at the end of the month with the $HECTA

Each approved screenings: (10 $HECTA) x3

10 approved screenings on streak: (150 $HECTA) x3

Screening template:

Screening example: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

With professional project research papers, contributors would be offered exclusive commission.

Register at: Project Contributor Application

4. Mechanism:

:one: Contributors register via above form

:two: Selected Hectaholics then can access a private group & sign NDA

:three: After NDA is approved, projects would be assigned & members can start right away.

5. Timeline:

Start date: 5 Dec , 2022

End date: 28 Dec, 2022

6. Participant condition

All members.