Mindblown x3 Reward Project Screening Sprint

1. Name of the campaign

Mindblown x3 Reward Project Screening Sprint!

2. Motivation

For the first time ever Hectaholics get rewarded x3 in a limited course of 3 days, to execute the preliminary screenings of selected projects applied into Hectagon Portal.

3. Rewards size

The reward receives at the end of the month with the $HECTA

Each approved screenings: (10 $HECTA) x3

10 approved screenings on streak: (150 $HECTA) x3

Screening example: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Screening outline:

With professional project research papers, contributors would be offered exclusive commission.

Register at: Project Contributor Application

4. Mechanism:

:one: Contributors register via above form

:two: Selected Hectaholics then can access a private group & sign NDA

:three: After NDA is approved, projects would be assigned & members can start right away.

5. Timeline:

Start date: 22 Nov , 2022

End date: 24 Nov, 2022

6. Participant condition

All members