I am a NFT winner, now what?

Congratulation, you are a NFT winner.

First of all, let check your NFT on TigerTribe website

  1. Let’s go to the website
  2. Please “Connect your wallet” to see your profile
  3. Now, you can see your NFT showing up in your profile.

If it is not there, please contact any CM on telegram group, or you can
go to Discord and submit a ticket. Hectagon team will support you in no time.

Hey, but this is blockchain. Can I check it on-chain?

Yes, of course you can.
There are 2 things you need to know before checking it on-chain:

  • Hectagon Tiger Tribe NFT contract is: 0xaf19C47b5Cd0ebe590f5A56cb1418E7A3CD6B3Af
  • Hectagon Tiger Tribe NFT is running on BSC so you can go to BSC scanner to see the data yourself.
  1. Let’s go to https://bscscan.com/ and search for the address
  2. There you are, you can see all the transactions to this contract.
    You can search for your address and you can see the transaction transferred the NFT to you.

Now you have your NFT, there are 2 things you can do:

  1. You can list it in the marketplace by clicking “Sell Now”.

    There no listing fee, no min or max price so you can list your NFT at whatever price you want.
    Hey, the competition for this little cutie might be high, so let’s try your luck.
    You can change the price later by clicking “Change Price”:

    Then select the price you want:

  2. You can wait for the redeemable date to redeem for your $HECTA.

I have just walked you through the functions of Hectagon Tiber Tribe. In the future, there might be more rewards and airdrop for Hectagon Tiger Tribe owner, so please follow Hectagon Telegram for updates.
Have fun!

Hello! Hectagon admin, Are you here?

yes, what can I help you.
For support, please go to Discord or #support