How professionals are choosen?

Reading through the Investment Portal (Investment Portal - Hectagon), it mentioned “The DAO will choose professionals to run this job”.

I’m curious are these professionals self-proposed, proposed by the community or what is the process of choosing a professional

Thank you!


Regarding “professionals” who own the final vote in Hectagon’s strategic investment decision, the criteria includes:

  • Traditional & Blockchain finance experience
  • Willingness to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be a decision-maker as the delegate may have access to confidential, non-public information
  • Willingness to represent the Investment Memo to Hectagon’s community

At the moment, we select the investment team member through recruitment and application process similar to a centralized VC. We’ll soon extend this process for community members to self-proposed.
In fact, we’re piloting with a Venture Partner program where Hectagon’s community member can self-proposed to be a Venture Partner with approval from the investment team. We’ll talk about his more in an upcoming community call :smiley:


Venture Partner program sounds great, we can onboard investment managers from reputable VCs to work for us as a DAO member. Looking forward to it.