HIP12_Invest in public token (2)

Follow-up from the last proposal, this proposal will be for details of how much and how we invest for public token:

  1. How much: $50.000 in the form of stable coin (BUSD)
  2. How:
    Porfolio will be developed with:
  • Maximum 10 tokens
  • 3 segments:
    o Optimistic Rollups: token in Arbitrum and Optimism.
    o Zk Rollups
    o Top coin as BTC, ETH…
  1. Reason:
  2. Halving: statistics show that after halving 1 year will be bull run season, and right before that is mini bull run to attract money to the system.
  3. Some concepts have been developed continuously from 2018 and it is the time to launch the products for the market. Etherium and its layer 2 have attracted a lot of attention. Arbitrum and Optimism, these etherium-layer 2 has more than 85% market shares in L2 market (according to L2beat.com at 28 Mar 2023)
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