CPM12 - Twitter Ambassador [On going]

[30 Sept 2022] Update: Change reward from each winner from 5 HECTA to 10 HECTA.

  1. Why do you want to hold this campaign?

Want to reward members who contribute to the community on Twitter

  1. What is the Total amount of the Reward pool allocated for this campaign?

Prize pool 1000 HECTA

  1. What is the latest Start date of this Campaign?

  2. What is the latest End date of this Campaign?

  3. Who will be the Participant in this Campaign?

Anyone who has:

  • 500 followers and above on Twitter.
  • Twitter account is at least three months old
  • Bio and posts are crypto-related…
  1. What is the Reward mechanism?

Ambassador Lite Task: (hashtag #HectagonFinance #$HECTA):

  • At least 1 organic tweet/ week

  • At least 5 quote retweet/ week

  • At least 7 comments on tweets in crypto-oriented accounts that post about Hectagon; Defi; Web3; Yield Farming and have more than 2,000 followers and don’t have airdrop info in the bio.

  • Each winners will receive 10 $HECTA / month

General rules:

  • No inappropriate and negative content.

  • Rewards are distributed solely at the Hectagon team’s discretion.

  1. What is the name of the Campaign?

Twitter Ambassador

Voting is up for 24hr

  • Yes
  • No

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Can u please move the start date to a later one? please let the community few days to look at this and comment.
This is surely a good idea but we need to inform as many community members as possible. For me, a week is long & fair enough.

I think 3 days is enough, let send it to the community to ask for opinions

Great idea. I like it. Agree with k2 to move the start date later but 1 week is long. Suggest 28th Aug if we have enough attention.

Yes, I will move the start date to 28th Aug

to be fair, let’s do a 50-view challenge :)) I will surrender once this post reach 50 views.

Hyper viral ideasssss

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total view is 58 now (26 Aug), I will (1) move this post to campaign category (2) ask campaign management team to vote