CMP23 - Hectagon Design Contest


The Hectagon Design is a design contest in which anyone, particularly designers, can participate to conceptualize the vision of Hectagon on the landing page. It’s a chance to help shape the future of decentralized VC. We can’t wait to hear about the best ideas generated by the Hectaholic community. Stay tuned!

First round brief


Design the key visual for Hectagon landing page website

Key visual should express the vision of Hectagon and make it easy for people to understand the revolutionary concept of decentralized VC where anyone can access to invest with zero barrier. Especially for retail investors who’ve just joined this industry or observed for a long time can acknowledge the value that Hectagon investment could benefit them.


Could be anything to describe the concept including Illustration, 3D design, photographic, typography, sketch, video,…etc (png, img, pdf, mp4,…)

Original concept

The original concept display a portal where all invested project tokens go through and contribute to the value of $HECTA. In other word, it shows $HECTA as a value representation/reflection for all token value of projects that Hectagon invested in.

You can create a new concept or build upon this concept, that works too. 0


1. Register here (do this before 01/11)

2. Submit your 1st round work here (do this before 01/11) Criteria

Other resource (current website) Hectagon Finance – Medium 0 1


Up to 240 $HECTA

  1. Anyone who pass the first round receives 10 $HECTA
  2. Three persons pass the second round receive 50 $HECTA


  1. Who can be the candidate for this contest? Can I take part in it if I did not invest in HECTA?
    Anyone who has an interest in this contest. You do not need to have our tokens.

  2. Where will the information be continuously updated?
    Keep following our Discord, we have a separate channel for this notion.

  3. I have some concerns, who can I contact to?
    Please contact limon#3599 on Discord to get more information.

  4. If I fail in the 1st phase, can I join the next one?
    No. You must win 1st phase to enter the 2nd phase.

  5. How is the winner notified?
    We will notify you via your email address/ discord account which you provided us in the application form.

  6. How can I receive the reward if I win this contest?
    We will verify your wallet address before giving rewards.