CMP19 - Community Competition

  1. Name of the Campaign
    Community Competition Exclusive Events

  2. Place taken
    Hectagon’s KOLs communities: IBCIG, Crypto Miners and Hectagon’s Communities:

  3. Motivation

  • Creating a circumstance for communities to interact with the brand name Hectagon
  • Rewarding KOLs for their contribution
  • Increasing followers for Hectagon via followers on the platform execution
  • Educating the extended communities about the working format of Hectagon
  1. Game Rules
    Members from IBCIG, Crypto Miners, and Hectagons will be aligned to do the tasks given by Hectagon. Each lesson will be counted with a specific point. The winning community will be the one to reach the highest points via the chosen communities by the end of the campaign

  2. Tasks and Points calculating

  • Sign up Account - 1 Point
  • Like community post proposal on the forum - 2 Point
  • Community suggestion for Hectagon on the forum, with hashtag your community name - 3 Points
  • Invest token on website Hectagon at least 10$ - 4 Points

Gleam will be used to counting the results of competition among communties.

  1. Rewards and Mechanism
  • Total Budget: $1000
  • Rewarding token: HECTA
  • Budget Manager: Growth Team
  • Detailed mechanism & rewards of each event will be informed in the replies below at least 24 hours before its start date
  • Actual spending will be reported by budget managers latest by 20-September, 2022
  • Rewards will be extracted from the Reward Pool, and Budget Managers (Jimmy) will transfer directly to the KOLs after finalizing the list of winners.
  1. Timeline: latest start date and latest end date**
    The proposed budget will be available to spend during:
  • Start date: 7 - Sep, 2022
  • End date: 13 - Sep, 2022

After the end date, if the budget is not entirely spent, the rest of the budget will be dismissed. Budget Managers need to propose a new budget if the campaign is extended.


Thank you in here … thank you again