CMP17 - Reward for first person who interact with system within an epoch [Finished]


[8 Sep] This campaign will started from Mon 29 Aug 2022 and the reward will be paid every 4 weeks.
[27 AUG]

  • Move to #campaign since no major changes proposed, just another use of fund
  • Edit 0.3 HECTA to 0.5 HECTA based on community comment


The first person who interacts with Hectagon Smart Contract within an epoch will pay the network fee to re-calculate the staking reward for everyone. Without this person, the UI will not work properly as some users already noticed that at UI, the reward sometimes get stuck at 0h0m.

For example:

2022-08-23 15.40.03


It is stated in the white paper that Hectagon will calculate a staking reward for everyone every epoch (8 hours). However, technically there is nothing run automatically and periodically in Blockchain so it is up the the first person in an epoch to either stake, unstake, buy HECTA with discount or run bountyHunter function here: gHECTA smart contract.
This proposal will encourage HECTA holder to do the public service and help the UI to work seamlessly.


The reward for this person should be 0.5 HECTA for each interaction. Estimatedly, this proposal would cost Hectagon 328.5 HECTA a year. Depends on HECTA price, new proposal should be made to overwrite this one.
The fund will be taken from Contribution Reward pool and Guardian should pay the fee weekly on the Tuesday of the next week. The list of winners will be available here for everyone to see and audit.
If this proposal went through, it will started on the first epoch of the next Monday.

Polling Period

  • Comment will begin now and will end after 72 hours.
  • The polling process begins after comment is over and will end after another 72 hours.


  • Yes
  • No

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why the price is 0.3 hecta/user?
accoding to transactions history, gas fee when user trigger epoch is about 1USD,
and now hecta price us 3.5USD, and users need one more transaction to claim thiers rewards
=> We need higers Reward: 0.5 HECTA seem good!!!

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it make sense to me. However we still need to be carefully on how much we spend the Community Reward fund. Waiting for others to comment here.

I don’t quite get it. Is is only for tech-guys :smiley:?

Let’s count from 1st epoch