CMP16-Hectagon's Venture Partner Program [Voting]

1. Venture partner program

The Venture Partner program allowed anyone qualified to apply to become a Venture Partner of Hectagon Finance.

The Venture Partner will become an extended member of Hectagon’s investment team and participate in finding and reviewing new deals.

2. Motivation

Why do you want to hold this campaign? What benefit would it bring to the Protocol? or What problem it will solve on behalf of the Protocol?

Hectagon has a small in-house investment team to look for potential projects; however, we want to encourage Hecta holders to refer investment deals to Hectagon and become our partners in finding and making investment…

In the last months, we managed to attract nearly 200 applications from projects through our inbound channel, active hunting and referrals channel. Even though this is a good start, we would like to see this number go up faster, and we see the Venture Partner program as the tool to help us leverage the power of our community to expand the investment network.

Hectagon Finance will benefit from the wide network of those venture partners, who come from various backgrounds, big venture capital funds, investment funds ….

3. Rewards size and mechanism

0.1% - 1% deal size closed depending on the Venture Partner’s contribution during the reviewing process.

  • The compensation will be paid with $Hecta token from the Community Contribution Reward Pool.
  • The amount of Hecta token a Venture Partner receives will be determined by the market price of $Hecta token at the payment date.
  • Venture Partners can also elect to receive payment in BUSD, in which case, the Hectagon team will assist in converting $Hecta to BUSD.

The Venture Partner will be interviewed and selected by Hectagon’s Investment team. Selection criteria will based on:

  • Experience in Blockchain, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Technology
  • Geography and market reach of the Venture Partner
  • Ability to communicate in written and spoken english.

4. Timeline: latest start date and latest end date

Start date: the program will take effect after the proposal passed voting and will run until there’s a change in the mechanism.

5. Participant condition

Anyone is eligible to apply.

6. Polling Period

  • Comment will begin now and will end at 00:00 GMT 31/08/2022
  • The polling process begins after comment is closed and will end a 00:00 GMT 4/09/2022

7. Poll

  • For
  • Against

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Hi LH,

Wow this is amazing. I have a lot of good friends who are in management positions of Huobi, YGG, Sequoia… that can introduce to join us as a VP.

How to apply and how to know that we are selected?