CMP05-Campaign Creator

1. Why do you want to hold this campaign?

  • User will freely bring-out the fresh and creative idea, add value to the protocol.

2. What is the Total amount of the Reward pool allocated for this campaign?

  • Prize pool: 2000$ Hecta

3. What is the latest Start date of this Campaign?

  • Start date: 15/072022

4. What is the latest End date of this Campaign?

  • End date: 31/072022

5. Who will be the Participant in this Campaign?

  • This campaign is designed for users both inside and outside of Hectagon communities.

6. What is the Reward mechanism?

What to do first:


  • We will give 1 Hecta for each campaign idea we choose
  • The chosen idea will be announced at the end of the campaign.

7. What is the name of the Campaign?

  • The Campaign Creator

Can you give more details? What are the criteria to fit this campaign?