CMP04 - Refer-to-Earn [Finished]

[Update 30 AUG 2022]

We’d like to announce that Refer to earn - Hectagon Refer Friends Campaign was closed today. And now, we have distributed rewards to qualified participants. Check your reward at: => Profile => Reward
Total amount reward: 449.6 HECTA

1. Name of the campaign


2. Motivation

To reward members who help Hectagon build a strong community by referring users to Hectagon Community

3. Rewards size and mechanism

  • Total amount for reward is 1,000 $HECTA
  • User will receive 0.1 Hecta when successfully refer a member to Hectagon community.
    Example: You referred 50 person, then you will get 5 Hecta

4. Timeline: latest start date and latest end date

  • Start date: 16/07/2022 (09:00 AM UTC).
  • End date: 16/08/2022 (10:00 PM UTC).

5. Participant condition

  • Any member of Hectagon Telegram and Discord channels can participate in the campaign.

6. Polling Period

  • Comment will begin now and will end at 18:00 GMT+7 on 14/07/2022
  • The polling process begins after comment is closed and will end at 21:00 GMT+7 on 15/07/2022.

7. Poll

  • For
  • Against

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successfully refer a member to Hectagon community => how do you measure this?