CMP04= Propose Event on Telegram: Keyboard Heroes

  1. Why do you want to hold this campaign?
    Purpose: Increase community interactive & run community for active group - collect data and add in the winner or participant for " Hectagon Primary Investor" Telegram: Contact @hectagonprimary
    Problem it solve:
    Number member is normal but not have chatting on group - only come from acc clone from CM , MODs, Growth so need event encourage people talk more
    Maintain event in group after airdrop, some people received airdrop but they did not see to create event so they leave group and sell NFTs
    In the future - when Telegram: Contact @HectagonFinance have enough member in the group - above 20k - team will lock chatbox and only admin can chat in order to transfer who is the real user/ investor come in Telegram: Contact @hectagonprimary
    Introduction about - Telegram: Contact @hectagonprimary - that group will be establish like as customer service group for real user come in and can communicate smoothly like as community group - GFS Insight, Hidden Gems
    We can see different content in project group - some of Gamefi - high quality but not have quantity - it is difficult to make user come to holder

  2. What is the Total amount of the Reward pool allocated for this campaign?
    Prize pool 11 HECTA to total 8 winners.
    TOP 1 - 1 NFT 3 HECTA
    TOP 2-3: 1 NFT 2 HECTA
    TOP 4-8 1 NFT 1 HECTA

  3. What is the latest Start date of this Campaign?
    Start date: 06/24/2022 (1:00 AM UTC).

  4. What is the latest End date of this Campaign?
    End date: 06/30/2022 (1:00 PM UTC).

  5. Who will be the Participant in this Campaign?
    Users who staying in Telegram community

  6. What is the Reward mechanism?
    Winners will be announced one day after the campaign end
    Winning conditions
    Counting Messages
    Not mess 3 times same content / same theme ( for example send 3 continuos GIFs with different GIFs - still ban in 1 day) Using Rose bot
    How to pick winner:
    Counting mess - if equal, we will focus on invitation

  7. What is the name of the Campaign?
    Keyboard Heroes
    Keyboard Heroes