CMP02-Break the ice [Finished]

Update 17 Aug 2022: Break The Ice: Reward Announcement

After about 1-month of execution, we are so proud to announce that Break The Ice - Hectagon Create Profile Campaign was closed in success.
And now, we have distributed rewards to qualified participants We would like to express our appreciation for your participation so far.
Your valuable contribution is great support for Hectagon to bring better services to the community and also preserve your opportunity to co-invest with Hectagon in the future.
Check your reward at: => Profile => Reward

Total amount reward: 36.35 HECTA

Update 04 Aug 2022:

  • This campaign is finished and everyone who register before 18 Jul 2022 will see their reward at the Reward section
  • All verified information is locked and cannot be edited

1. Name of the campaign

Break the ice

2. Motivation

  • For users to create their the way you want to show your personality

3. Rewards size and mechanism

  • Total amount for reward is 1,000 $HECTA
  • A qualified KYC is the one which has valid information
    ** Pass “Who you are” : 0.1 $HECTA
    ** Pass “How to contact”: 0.05 $HECTA
    ** Pass “Your ID paper”: 0.05 $HECTA
    To do KYC, please visit this link

4. Timeline: latest start date and latest end date

  • Start date: 17/06/2022
  • End date: 18/07/2022
  • Reward date: 31/07/2022

5. Participant condition


6. Polling Period

The comment process begins now and will end at 10 GMT 16/06/2022.

The pooling process begins now and will end at 24h GMT 16/06/2022.

7. Poll

For: Action taken if this proposal is accepted.
Against: Action taken if this proposal is rejected.

  • For
  • Against

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What is the purpose of this campaign?

This campaign help Hectagon know user detail to help:
1/ Law compliance => only user with KYC can directly co-invest with Hectagon
2/ Better serve users

Please note that this is only additional rewards, there is almost no hard barrier to do anything in Hectagon.