CMP 21 - Shilling Contest ( Remake )

1. Name of the campaign
Let the Songbirds sing

2. Motivation
Make Hectagon viral in the other communities by Hectaholics
This campaign will be the base to find out Hectagon’s community builder in the future

The winner or the participant near of the top of winner will have a opportunity to join Hectagon team to become 1 part of Shilling Ambassador team

The SongBird Squad is so important to our community. They are not only our loyal holders, but they also support us to spread out the news, updates to other communities.

3. Rewards size and mechanism
TOP 5 winner will gain each 6 HECTA/winner
Winner is measured by number of message spread to other communities ( At least: 100 messages for total campaign )
Top 5 Winner will be announced after the Event end in 1 day and reward will give to user immediately

The SongBirds- Participants will give direct message to register for CM - Telegram: Contact @sh_19092000
When registering, the SongBirdsgive the community which chat during campaigns and username or account using to talk in that community
Messages of SongBirds talking in those communities need to be relevant about Hectagon - mention about team , price, information update

5. Timeline: latest start date and latest end date
from event happening to 7 days after that

6. Participant condition
Event for Everyone in Hectagon Community from Moderator, Angel, Member participate on Telegram or Discord communities

7. Polling Period
The comment will begin now and will end at 20:00 GMT+7 on 7-Sep, 2022
The polling process starts after the Comment End


I want to fix to make all of you clarify:
Event will maintain in 1 week
To have enough condition become winner - Participant need to have minimum 15 mess/day

  1. I think we should give all participants a name, like how we did with Angels :smiley: What about “Songbird”?
  2. How do you calculate the messages each participant made a day?
  3. I suggest to reward all in HECTA.

First of all, thank you Felica for your suggestion

  1. I put the name of participants " Warrior " but I think " Songbird" better than because it is meaningful and less violent.
  2. To calculating the messages - in the last each day , participants give me the username so I will check how many messages in that group
  3. Yeah I am flexible with HECTA rewards, so reward all in HECTA, I will upgrade the reward to 6 HECTA for 1 person

Change the name of the campaign to “Let the Songbirds sing”, that’s how the spirit will be :smiley:

Imo the mechanism isn’t clear enough. What is this campaign for? What is the responsibility of participants? How do you control & announce the results?..

You should check the Angel campaign and write as details as that one.

After that, call for at least 10 likes :smiley:


Hello Felicia, thank for suporting my idea, I already to fixed it


This suggestion is not qualified to be moved to Campaigns mate. Let the community support you to have at least 10 likes :smiley:


Very good idea sir , I think that will make community too high

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Hello all, I see that event will create good effect for community in the future