CMP 20 - Lunar Festival

1. Name of Campaign

Lunar Festival Campaign

2. Place Taken

Hectagon’s KOL communities: Katherine, Unknown Crypto and Blondychain

3. Motivation

  • Creating a circumstance for communities to interact with the brand name Hectagon
  • Rewarding KOLs for their contribution
  • Increasing followers for Hectagon via followers on the platform execution
  • Educating the extended communities about the working format of Hectagon

4. Game Rules

  • Each user participating in the event will invest a token of at least 10$ for one slot lucky draw on the website. Each community will have a customized affiliate link leading to the websites. Supervisors will look at the transaction rates to identify the winners among the community.
  • Lucky draw will proceed and announce through live video on community call Hectagon

5. Timeline: latest start date and latest end date

The proposed budget will be available to spend during:

  • Start date: 7-Sep, 2022
  • End date: 13-Sep, 2022

After the end date, if the budget is not entirely spent, the rest of the budget will be dismissed. Budget Managers need to propose a new budget if the campaign is extended.

6. Rewards and Mechanism

  • Total Budget: $1000
  • Rewarding token: HECTA
  • Budget Manager: Growth Team Members (Mr Jimmy)
  • Detailed Mechanism & rewards of each event will be informed in the replies below at least 24 hours before its start date
  • Actual spending will be reported by budget managers latest by 20-September, 2022
  • List of winners will be verified between the KOLs chosen and the in-house metrics before conducting a final reward list.
  • Rewards will be extracted from the Reward Pool, and Budget Managers (Jimmy) will transfer directly to the KOLs after finalizing the list of winners.

I didn’t find it logical
First they have to work to build the community and then have to deposit 10$ and again have to wait for lucky draw

So there is no reward for work just a lucky dip??