CMP 08 - Review Tokens- Review and Chill

  1. Why do you want to hold this campaign?
    What benefit would it to the Protocol? or What problem it will solve on behalf of the Protocol?
  • Maintain community while airdrops and amas happen. Review knowledge and test community quality for future

  • Review token have potential or Hectagon will invest on everyday, picking the winner rely on reaction

  1. What is the Total amount of the Reward pool allocated for this campaign?
    Minimum: 28 HECTA - 560$ Hecta

  2. What is the latest Start date of this Campaign?
    The latest start day that this campaign still brings value to the protocol.

  3. What is the latest End date of this Campaign?
    The campaign should not end after this day.

  4. Who will be the Participant in this Campaign?

  • This campaign is designed for users both inside and outside of Hectagon communities - event happen on both Twitter and Telegram
  1. What is the Reward mechanism?
    What to do first:


  • We will give 2 Hecta for 2 winner on each platform ( tele or twitter) everyday
  • The chosen idea will be announced at the end of the campaign.
  1. What is the name of the Campaign?
    Review and Chill
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Minimum: 28 HECTA - 560$ Hecta
Can you please explain this?