CMP-07 Tiktok-to-earn

1. Why do you want to hold this campaign?

  • Tiktok is a popular social media platform that nearly everyone is using right now.
    This event will let all the user using Tiktok to spread out to thier follower, friends,… about Hectagon.

2. What is the Total amount of the Reward pool allocated for this campaign?

  • Total prize pool 100 HECTAs

3. What is the latest Start date of this Campaign?

  • Start date: 25/07/2022

4. What is the latest End date of this Campaign?

  • End date: 21/08/2022

5. Who will be the Participant in this Campaign?

  • This campaign is designed for every users.

6. What is the Reward mechanism?

  • To participate.
    User must follow every Hectagon communities: Hectagon Finance | Linktree
    Like and retweet the pinned Tweet
    Have a tiktok channel related to crypto

  • What will you do:
    Create an introduction about Hectagon through video


  • The chosen video will reward to that user 1 Hecta/video

7. What is the name of the Campaign?

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