Build a pacman game for NFT owner


There are over 100 owners of TigerTribe NFT and it would be lovely to bring those people together to play THE PACMAN GAME!!!


For the love of PACMAN and bring utility to TigerTribe NFT.


Reward HECTA to anyone can build a PACMAN game using the current TigerTribe artwork.
The competition start right after the proposal was approved and developer would have 3 weeks to build the game and the 4th week after that will be “roadshow” for developers to show-off their game.
The price should be:

  • 30 HECTA for the winner
  • 15 HECTA for the runner up
  • 5 HECTA for anyone else who submit a functional game (maximum 10 slots, first-come-first-serve)

Hey guys, what do you think? If you think it is cute please like this post.


I love this. Any dev can make this come true? :D:D