Application for a community mod on discord

I write to apply as a community moderator in your project.
I am an expert with a two(2) year experience in community moderating, crypto trading, project management.
Over the years, I have moulded a strong reputation for myself in the area of productive community administration, good communication skills with ability to interact in English and native languages.
I will help answer all questions regarding the project, grow the server by keeping it active, inviting more investors, attend the servers quarries and deleting of unsolicited messages from the server in your absence, as you may not always be available.
My inquisitiveness coupled with my above skills are the necessity for the project.
I await your response sir.

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Hi Davies,
Please DM me via telegram @Meicy309
I’m looking forword to your reply :heart_eyes:

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Thanks you
I really appreciate
Would message you immediately

@meicy309 I can’t DM because of the telegram restrictions you have on your account

Please dm me via telegram @Davies_124
I await response
Thank you